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‏2016-12-01T16:13:20Z | cluster mq8 queue queuemanager upgrade


We are trying to upgrade MQ 7.0.1 to MQ 8.0 on our clustered environment. Microsoft Cluster Manager is our cluster infrastructure method. We have two nodes set up in this cluster both running Windows 2008 R2. The AppData disk (F:/ drive) is shared storage and is connected to the active node.


We upgraded the passive node first to MQ 8.0 but now when we try and start the application we get an error stating it cannot find the QMI.ini file. Our active server which is still running MQ 7.0.1 is having no issue but I'm not sure what must be done to have the passive node start up when we activate it.


Is anyone familiar with this type of setup and know what we should do?


Error details during the Queue Manager  start up:


* Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere MQ\bin\strmqm" -si QM_REG_CHBS_P


AMQ6239: Permission denied attempting to access filesystem location


AMQ7001: The location specified for the queue manager is not valid.

exitvalue = 1

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    Re: QMI.ini error


    The file might be there, just not available to the user running the MQ process. Check file permissions. It should have been created when the qmgr is being upgraded to the new version.  Also check that it was not created in the default place but in the qmgr's directory. (Think hamvmqm...)