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Darrel Rader
Darrel Rader
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Pinned topic Community Site Suggestions

‏2010-05-17T19:00:15Z |
Please let us know of any content/links that should be added or if you have any feedback on how we can make this site better.
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  • Sukanya
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    Re: Community Site Suggestions

    ‏2010-06-02T13:52:23Z  in response to Darrel Rader
     We need to have some kind of structure to organize the demos, discussions and related materials.  I was wondering how could we organize discussion around the following topic ?
    1. Application Security Life Cycle management. :
      1. Threat modeling
      2. Risk Analysis
      3. Development and testing - iterative process
    2. Application Security coding best practices
    3. Application Security Testing Tools
      1. Black box testing tool - AppScan
        1. Configurations
        2. Using the tool
        3. Reading the report
      2. White box testing tool - Ounce lab product