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Pinned topic Cognos CSS Cognos Connection - missing system.xml

‏2013-09-26T16:02:40Z | system.xml


Wondering if anyone can help, I have been asked to brand our version of Cognos, I know pretty much nothing about Cognos but know a bit about CSS. The guide I'm following mentions amending the system.xml file but this doesn't appear to be installed on our version, I can find it nowhere, I can find the CSS files to amend but no system.xml. I have got around this by just amending the name of our logo image to my_logo and adding it to the correct folder and the logo shows on the Cognos Connection screen in the top lefthand corrner but with a white table border around it, how can I get rid of this table border? and why would system.xml possibly be missing from our installation?

Any help appreciated

Btw: We are using Cognos version 8.4.1 and I'm using the following guide: