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‏2013-08-01T11:16:19Z | db2ts express-c full search text

Hi all,


Development of an app over express-c  LUW 10.1 with high transactional rate stress (over 1 million of ~ 700B rows per hour -it produces a 70% of CPU consumption = 0.7 * 2 cores),  database size 10GB, and, finally, search engine over db2ts (contains, score function, synonyms) with indexation in only two columns for only one table -each index with 10MB size.


If transactional stress is turned off, we get good response times in the search engine (full text capabilities + synonyms), great,and not special resource consumption.

But, if we join high transaction level and search engine with db2ts as described, it degrades with 180% CPU consumption = 1.8 * 2 cores  (express-c has limit to only 2 cores and 2 GB) and memory seems ok.

Does anyone have any idea of this behavior? We suspect of the updating text search index task due to updates in table with text search indexes.

I've read in documentation that db2ts server could be installed in independent machine. Could it solve the 180% CPU comsumption?

Is it probably that this resource degradation improves in a Workgroup edition (8 cores and 16 GB)? 

We'd thank any idea or comment.

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    Re: Performance issues db2ts - Full Text Search


    Finally, the problem was solved.

    There was a memory limitation in the virtualized server of 4 GB. Apparently, there was enough memory, but db2ts expands to near 1 GB. So, if you have Centos SO + DB2 (express-C) (~10GB on disk, high transactional) + DB2TS, you'll need to increase the memory beyond 4 GB probably. 

    DB2TS has a good response. It's great.

    I hope, this helps someone.

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