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‏2013-04-29T16:42:32Z |

Trying to use AAA and connect to LDAP. Everything is working fine. Today our LDAP is down. 

So we are trying to check the following in  AAA ,

 Is the current time-out which applied to service (default 120sec) applies to the LDAP access as well? If not, can DP be configured with a time-out for it? 


But we didnt find anything for to set this value. And as per logs we got error after 3 minutes saying


Unable to connect to LDAP server 'x.y.z': TCP connection failed.

But till then the normal timeout or not error rule nothing is get executed.


Any inputs how to approach this

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  • swlinn
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    Re: AAA LDAP timeout

    ‏2013-04-29T18:26:02Z  in response to msmps

    For your LDAP connection, I believe this is driven by your service's user agent timeout, which I believe is quite lengthy (5 minutes).  Now if your front side timeout is 120 seconds, then the request will be abandoned when the front side timeout fires first before your user agent timeout.  You should specify reasonable timeout values as 2 or 5 minutes is an eternity