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Pinned topic RDz EGL - CICS runtime exception abend

‏2014-04-29T06:16:02Z |

Hi Guys,

One of my applications which have just been migrated from Rad 6 to RDZ 8.5 is now abending in CICS at runtime with an data exeption.

Looking at the source it's clear that the numeric field is being tested for spaces:


and the definition for the map field is: 

PREWGA num(8)[9]

  {FillCharacter = nullFill,  position = [4,30], fieldLen = 8, validationOrder = 24,

    color = defaultColor, highlight = underline, intensity = normalIntensity,

    protect = noProtect, numericSeparator = yes,sign = none, align = right,

    indexOrientation = down


The problem is in RAD 6 there are many functions that are using this condition test without problems. Is there any other way to get away with it by manipulating my field attributes without having to change the actual code in the program?     



  • markevans
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    Re: RDz EGL - CICS runtime exception abend



    There is a new build descriptor named "blanksAsZero".  The language changed some between V6 and V7 or later since these versions handled conversions between any types.  


    The default setting on this build descriptor is NO, but if set to yes, then it will result in zero when a blank is used as the source value.


    Here is the text from the helps:

              - Specify whether assigning a blank text variable to a numeric COBOL variable should result in a zero value.


    If you are NOT using VAGCompatibility, you should also look at the V60 related build descriptors to see if they should be set.  They are set to "yes" automatically if using VAGCompatibility.   Please review the list of symbolic parameters that have been added since V6.


    They can be found in this section (look at both subsections):



    Hope this helps.



  • Jeff.Douglas
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    Re: RDz EGL - CICS runtime exception abend


    Mark is correct that blanksAsZero will convert any characters fields that contain all spaces to zero. As it looks like the code is moving a character literal of entirely spaces to a numeric field. When I generated your code sample, the logic checks this field for all spaces, if blanksaszero is set to yes.

  • EduardoDias
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    Re: RDz EGL - CICS runtime exception abend


    Thanks Guys, it worked!  

    You might be hearing from me again!