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Pinned topic ITCAM for applications 7.2 WebSphere Agent

‏2013-04-30T17:36:08Z |

Has anyone configured ITCAM WebSphere agent 7.2 with WebSphere Portal 8.0/WAS 8.0 yet? I am encountering issues while configuring it and need to find out if this was done by someone already and what steps were followed. The portal server is not detected while configuring the DC in our situation eventhough wp_profile was detected.

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    Re: ITCAM for applications 7.2 WebSphere Agent


    I have configured the ITCAM 7.2 agent/DC with WebSphere 8.0 without any issues. Both WebSphere 8 and WebSphere Portal 8 are indeed supported and I have have worked with a customer to install and configure without issues as well. We just followed the steps in the installation and configuration guide. The best bet would be to open a PMR and provide the logs in the dchome directory and we can assist further.