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‏2013-08-27T08:16:40Z |


i would like to print the EGL manual that i fnd at this link, if i select print i can print olny the first five arguments .. !! how can i do to print all the page or where can i find a pdf of this manual ?


thanks in advance

  • HuangJiYong
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    Re: Print EGL manual



    The 5 page limitation is a limitation of the help system and we do not have a pdf. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You could try to print 5 pages each time and print another 5 pages after finish reading the first 5.

  • MuhammadGad
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    Re: Print EGL manual



    There is no limitation if you will print the topics from eclipse help

    Help > Help Contents

    it will open a browser, select the topic you want to print and click the print icon on the upper left toolbar and select (print selected topic and all sub topics)