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Pinned topic Accepting Applicants for Participation in Assisted Upgrade Program for QRadar SIEM 7.2

‏2013-06-27T17:17:21Z | 7.2 aup eap qradar siem upgrade

We are looking for customers that would like to have early access to QRadar SIEM 7.2 Upgrade before it's generally availability on Fix Central. Our Customer Support group will perform the upgrade and monitor the system for any issues post-patch install. Should a change in the code occur during this controlled release window, we will also apply any resulting delta patch.

This program is offered by the QRadar Support Team. The offering will be to perform a system upgrade from QRadar SIEM 7.1 MR2 Patch 1 (581477) to QRadar SIEM 7.2.

This will be using our GA code that is scheduled to be released to our entire customer base in August.

Program Requirements:
1. Remote access must be available to all QRadar systems in the deployment, for example, via GotoMeeting
2. Upgrades are to be performed by the QRadar support personnel with the Customer available in case there are any passwords or other configuration information needed.
3. The upgrade must be able to be performed during regular business hours.
4. System must be at a minimum patch level of the latest QRadar SIEM 7.1 MR2 Patch 1 (581477).
5. IBM requires users participating in the program to sign a program agreement. This is attached at the bottom of this DCF. If you are accepted into the program this will need to be returned before the program start.
6. All systems to be upgraded must have either IMM or DRAC access(or remote KVM/Console).

Benefits of the program:
1. Customer Support gets hands-on experience going through the upgrade process on live systems in addition to the lab systems that are part of the standard release.
2. The customer receives a no charge upgrade of their systems performed by Customer Support.
3. In the event that any challenges are encountered, Customer Support will have development on stand-by for immediate assistance.

New Features in QRadar SIEM 7.2:

  • <TBD> This we be published as soon as it has been finalized.

The program will begin July 8 through July 19th and historically there has been a very large demand from the community to participate. Unfortunately spots are very limited and are on a first come, first served basis. Selected participants are chosen by the hardware and deployment configurations we would like to cover. Only selected applicants will be contacted to participate.

***PLEASE NOTE: Priority will be given to those who complete the attached release document, submit a get_logs and configuration backup for our development team review prior to the assisted upgrade.

Please send the requested forms to the following address: