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Pinned topic DS4100 replacement drive uncertified

‏2014-07-25T21:55:12Z |

We have a DS4100.  We lost a drive recently and I tried replacing it with a drive that I got from amazon.  Recovery guru comes back with an uncertified drive error.  The drive is the same model as the rest of the drives.  I do see that the firmware on each drive is the same except for the replacement.  Would this be why I have and uncertified error?  If so, do you think I would have any luck buying a replacement from IBM directly?  I have tried contacting them but keep I getting run around with different numbers and different departments.  Also the replacement parts online does not identify the IBM drive part number (71P298 Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB SATA)  I have no service contract with IBM.  Any ideas on how I could possible get this thing fixed?