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Pinned topic Scheduled maintenance work for Storage Insights on 8 September and 9 September 2018

‏2018-09-04T08:02:47Z |

Dear customer,
To complete maintenance work and improve the service offering, access to your instance of IBM® Storage Insights will be temporarily unavailable, depending on your location, on 8 September 2018 or 9 September 2018.


Maintenance times

·       Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) from 22:00 8 September to 04:00 9 September

·       Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from 02:00 to 08:00 9 September

·       Central European Summer Time (CEST) from 04:00 to 10:00 9 September

·       China Standard Time (CST) from 10:00 to 16:00 9 September


Max. 2 hours for each instance of IBM Storage Insights


The upgrade typically completes in 2 hours or less. During the upgrade, data collection for your monitored storage systems is paused and you won't be able to access IBM Storage Insights. When the upgrade is completedthe data collection will resume, and you will be able to access IBM Storage Insights again.


The following enhacements and new features were added:

·       Monitoring capacity, space usage, and performance for IBM FlashSystem® 9100 storage systems and monitoring the savings that are achieved when data is reduced, compressed, and deduplicated.

·       Preventing FlashSystem 900, model AE 3 from running out of capacity by monitoring the physical capacity of the storage system.

·       Tracking the status of ticket tasks such as the collecting and uploading of diagnostic packages.

·       Adding multiple storage systems in one go instead of adding them one-by-one. You can get on with your work while the initial connection and discovery for each storage system happens in the background.

·       Checking entitlement to hardware support for IBM block storage systems.

·       Viewing the list of nodes and enclosures and the type of enclosure for SAN Volume Controller storage systems.


Go to the Knowledge Center to find out about the features and the enhancements that are available in the current release. And, don't forget to go to the Knowledge Center on 9 September when information about the upcoming release will be available!

Benefits exclusive to IBM Storage Insights Pro


·       Reporting

·       Create, customize, schedule, and send custom reports by email. In three easy steps, you can share capacity, inventory, and performance information with your colleagues.

·       Create, schedule, and send chargeback and storage consumption reports by email to make the owners of resources, such as applications, departments, or physical servers, aware of the amount and cost of the storage that their resources consume. 

·       For IBM FlashSystem 9100 storage systems, view capacity information for the flash drives and check whether the drives use inline data compression. You can also view the physical and logical capacity and the amount of capacity that is saved when inline drive compression is used for the RAID arrays.

·       Manage IBM FlashSystem 900, model AE 3 as a back-end storage system.


Action required 

When you log in to IBM Storage Insights, you will be notified that an upgrade for the Data Collector is available. To benefit from all of the new features that were added and from the other improvements that were madeyou must upgrade the Data Collector.



For more information about maintenance schedules, go to the Storage Insights Forum. To receive notifications about maintenance schedules, subscribe to this forum.