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Pinned topic DS ODBC driver Error w NotesSQL drivers

‏2013-09-26T16:44:16Z |

NotesSQL ODBC driver is working fine with other application on my server such as Cognos and sample application .exe file which comes with DS installation "D:\IBM\InformationServer\ODBCDrivers\Samples\Example\Example.exe" and I'm able to connect to lotus notes DB.

But, when I add lotus notes connection to ODBC connector in a parallel job and click on test connection to try to connect to my local lotus notes DB.. I get the following error :

"ODBC function "SQLSetConnectAttr(SQL_ATTR_AUTOCOMMIT)" reported:  SQLSTATE = S1C00: Native Error Code = 23,370: Msg = [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Driver not capable"

Please see attached screenshot

Job compiles OK, but it errors when it run "main_program: Creation of a step finished with status = FAILED."

I'm using DS 9.1 and Lotus notes 8.5.3 and odbc driver 8.5.3 on windows server 2008 ..  Thanks in advance.