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Pinned topic GPFS not mounting anymore on Windows-Nodes

‏2013-05-31T14:40:09Z |

Hello everybody,

since a few days we got some problems with our Windows 2008 R2-Nodes in our GPFS-mixed-Cluster.

All nodes are running GPFS and the windows nodes are up 2 date and all in the same Domain. When we try to mount GPFS-Devices / startup GPFS the devices are shown for a bit of a second unter "Computer" and then just an entry with the Drive-Letter and a questionmark is left.

The GPFS-Log contains the f ollowing:

Fri May 31 16:29:36.062 2013: Command: err 0: mount tuifs_video
mmremote: Unable to mount /dev/tuifs_video on drive V.
    The drive letter appears to be in use.  Unmounting /dev/tuifs_video ...
Fri May 31 16:29:37.034 2013: Command: unmount tuifs_video forced
Fri May 31 16:29:37.035 2013: Command: err 0: unmount tuifs_video
Fre Mai 31 16:29:38 CEST 2013: finished mounting /dev/tuifs_video


We double and triple-checked our AD-Configuration - it's just a copy of another AD where everything works fine.

Services are running as root@domain and status is "started".

Passwords were changed, we also re-installed one of the systems completely, but still there's nothing.

I hope that anyone of you has a clue, why our system is not working anymore - we don't have.

Thanks for your help,


  • tomcat0112
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    Re: GPFS not mounting anymore on Windows-Nodes

    ‏2013-11-13T14:42:02Z  in response to rurcoasteagle

    Did you solve this problem?

    I also encountered this problem。

    Don't know how to do?

    • vpaul
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      Re: GPFS not mounting anymore on Windows-Nodes

      ‏2013-11-14T05:05:37Z  in response to tomcat0112


      The issue hit by the original poster was resolved. It had to do with improper IMU mapping between Windows and Linux users.