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Mathias Mamsch
Mathias Mamsch
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Pinned topic Good Bye for now ...

‏2013-04-22T18:06:23Z | mathias

Hey guys ... I am taking this low point on the forum software as a chance for a leave. At the moment I am persuing other topics than DOORS, so at least for a couple of month I will probably not read or write on this forum - I really hope that this forum finds its way back to its old shape. Thanks for all the fun I had here up to now! I am sure that Louie and the rest of the crew will keep up the good support without me for this time. Sorry for the extra work at you guys. Have fun and best regards, Mathias

  • GregM_dxler
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    Re: Good Bye for now ...


    Hi Mathis,

    I like to thank you for all your help on the forum.  Between you, Louie, Tony and Wolfgang (among all the others) I have learned an awful lot and can not express my gratitude enough.  Hope you enjoy your other pursuits, but don't be a stranger for too long!


  • tlwtheq
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    Re: Good Bye for now ...


    Oh, so it wasn't just me.  I sent IBM a note titled, What Have You Done?"  Will miss your input Mathias.

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    Re: Good Bye for now ...


    There is a lot of folks to handle the "inside the box" stuff, but you are far the best at the "outside the box" stuff.  Hope somebody else can fill in for you on that.

  • rmoskwa
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    Re: Good Bye for now ...


    Bye Mathias.

    I will miss reading your posts...

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    Re: Good Bye for now ...


    Hi Mathias,
    it was nice to work together with you, even for a short period. Hope you have fun and find sometimes a way back to our precious DOORS ;-)