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Pinned topic How does data from a registered provider become a dataset?

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Hi Folks,

I have registered a data provider, and it is now available in my provider registry (at http://dash:16310/oslc/providers/1366465273860 ).  I then created a page in Jazz for Service Management.  After creating my page I chose on of the widgets to edit, and tried to set my new provider as the data source, but it is not in the list.

Can someone point me to a document, to show me how to do this?  Or maybe if someone could make a video showing how to do this I would be glad to document the procedure.




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    Re: How does data from a registered provider become a dataset?


    Dan, I suspect you have the same root cause as others have observed with Omnibus -- not that it is in any way Omnibus-specific, on the contrary this is a generic misunderstanding.  The word "provider", much like the word "resource" is ambiguous without further qualification.

    I think you have registered an OSLC provider (i.e. a provider that implements at least one OSLC domain specification).  DASH is looking for a CURI provider.  CURI is an internal DASH protocol based on HTTP; like OSLC it requires transformation from back end data sources (hence the existence of the TDI CURI provider assembly).  DASH cannot directly consume OSLC resources today.

    Analogy: you buy a dictionary; you look up a word (Buch); it's not there; you look it up in Langenscheidt's and it's there.  Your first dictionary turns out to be Webster's (English), whereas Langenscheidt's (popular dictionary amongst German speakers) contains German words.  They're both dictionaries, but have different contents.