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Pinned topic Consolidated Elements don't Consolidate

‏2013-05-08T06:27:57Z | consolidation feeders;

Dear Sirs, hi everybody...

Regarding to Consolidated Elements and Feeders Statements, I have only one issue... let me explain...


************ FIRST SCENARIO ************

This is my Rule (all elements are leaf levels): ['LeafLevel1', 'LeafLevel2', 'LeafLevel3'] = N:DB('CubeName', !DimensionA, !DimensionB, 'Element_N');

This is my Feeder (in another cube): ['Element_N'] => ['LeafLevel1', 'LeafLevel2', 'LeafLevel3'];

...the consolidated level ("Total") of "LeafLevel3", brings to me the correct amount without problem


************ SECOND SCENARIO ************

This is Another Rule (only a single element is Consolidated): ['LeafLevel1', 'ConsolidatedLevel', 'LeafLevel3'] = C:DB('CubeName', !DimensionA, !DimensionB, 'Element_N');

This is my Feeder (in another cube): "it don't need feeder statements"

...but, in this second scenario, the consolidated level ("Total") of "LeafLevel3", doesn't works, because this concolidated level shows: "0"


You can see the attachment Excel file for a better understanding..., then, my question is:

How can I fix this situation?, in the Second Scenario, without alter the rule, because when I change "C:" by "N:", then the rule doesn't work neither.


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    Re: Consolidated Elements don't Consolidate


    if you target a rule to a C-Element, then the result of the rule will not automatically consolidated into higher consolidation levels; you can view C-Level rules like calculations to 'overwrite' consolidations with an individual calculation. If you want your rule result to consolidate automatically into your hierarchy then you need to make it a N-rule.

    hope this helps