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Pinned topic Trying to manipulate CSD Lists and Groups

‏2014-02-07T15:10:55Z |


 I'm trying to use CICS Explorer instead of CEDA for common administration tasks and, either by my limited CICS Explorer knowledge or by some product limitation, I faced some actions I was not able to do.

 I'm working with CICS TS 4.1 and my version of CICS Explorer is (build 20130912-1124)


My questions:

 - Impossible to do an APPEND LIST to an inexistent LIST (in order to create a new list based upon an old one)

What I did: On the "Group List Definitions" View, Right-click on a List, then "Append to List" and then, impossible to give a new list in the "Target CSD List"


- While doing and ADD GROUP(xxx) to LIST(yyy), I can't say AFTER or BEFORE.

What I did: On the "Resource Group Definitions" View, Right-click on a Group, then "Add to List…" give the "List Name" in the box but not possible to tell where it is inserted in the list.


- I didn't find a way to copy a whole group of definitions (equivalent as the COPY GROUP(xxx) AS(yyy))


- CICS Explorer doesn't show inexistent groups that are in a LIST


- Is there a way to sort the "Host Connections" in a certain order?


I thank you in advance for the time you'll take to help me

  • Erich Hoppe
    Erich Hoppe
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    Re: Trying to manipulate CSD Lists and Groups

    ‏2014-02-12T17:55:38Z  in response to GillesGERMAIN

    1. This is correct. The current 5.1.x version of the CICS Explorer does not allow you to append to new, non-existent list, thus creating a new one like you can do with CEDA.

    2. You currently can not specify before or after when adding a group to a list. I did a sample test and when I added a new group to a list, when I displayed the contents of that list, it showed the new group at the bottom.

    3. I don't believe you can currently copy a group from 1 group to another. This would be a nice enhancement.

    4. I don't see how CEDA shows inexistent groups in a list either. Can you elaborate on this more? What is an inexistent group? 

    5. No, you can not currently sort the Host Connections in CICS Explorer 5.1.x

    All of these ideas are good. I would recommend that you open an RFE (Request for Enhancement) if one does not already exist for these ideas. This can be done at the following link:

    Regards, Erich

    • DaveN
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      Re: Trying to manipulate CSD Lists and Groups

      ‏2014-02-12T18:15:08Z  in response to Erich Hoppe

      Thanks, Erich!

      Gilles - is your company on the CICS beta programme? Lack of Host Connections view sorting is a problem that came up on the forum a few weeks ago.


  • GillesGERMAIN
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    Re: Trying to manipulate CSD Lists and Groups

    ‏2014-02-13T10:58:53Z  in response to GillesGERMAIN

    Thank you Erich and Dave for your replies


    I'm sorry I wasn't clear about the inexistent group. What I meant is you can have a Group in a List. If you suppress all the resources in the Group, it stays in the List (and you're risking a Reply at the next Cold Startup). However, when you do a CEDA DIS LIST(list), you see all the Groups in this List including what I called the "inexistent Group".


    In CICS Explorer, I found than this "inexistent Group" is not shown in the "Resource Group Definitions".

    CICS Explorer should, at least show this Group, and informing that it's inexistent (or empty which is the same) would be great.

    Dave: I don't think my company in on this Beta programme. However, we're planning on deploying CICS Explorer and using it more and more and I'm trying to assess the limits. I saw the previous Topic on the forum but it is quite an issue for us as we're dealing with 600+ CICS on 30+ different SYSPLEX.

    Sorting of the connexions is the minimum we need, it would even be greater that we could regroup the Connexions into folders.

    As suggested, I'll open a RFE. I just wanted to be sure that I didn't miss something before "requesting".