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Pinned topic IBM SAS Raid controller: what is a port?

‏2013-08-26T18:40:29Z | blade center controller raid s sas


Our Bladecenter S has two sas raid controller i/o modules, working in redundant mode. Now I am reorganizing the pool configuration and about to define a new pool. And in the documentation ( I see I have the option to chose a port: 0 or 1.

What is this? Does it matter? How can I see on which port the other pool has been defined? I cannot find this anywhere.

thank you, Best regards, Matthijs



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    Re: IBM SAS Raid controller: what is a port?



    After having another look, I think this port defines which controller is the default one that takes care of all raid processing. So in case you have two pools, with each one volume, it would make sense to assing one pool to port 0, and the other to port 1. And thereby balancing the load. See also:

    <CLI> list pool
    Current Machine Local Time: 09/02/2013  11:09:02 PM
    |Pool#| ID |    Name     |RaidType|OwnerCtlr|TotalCap|AvailCap|       Status         |  State   | Degraded   |
    |    0|   2|         left|       5|   Slot 0|  1094GB|     0MB|                Viable|       ONV|          No|
    |    1|   1|        right|       5|   Slot 1|  1313GB|     0MB|                Viable|       ONV|          No|

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    thanks, Matthijs