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Pinned topic JDBCQueryService ComponentConfigurationException: CWXFR0027E

‏2018-08-02T14:14:46Z | bod componentconfigurationexception ibm jdbcqueryservice wcs

Hello everyone. I am trying to implement BOD service, I created folder WC\xml\config\com.mycompany.commerce.project and put into it query template file wc-query-utilities.tpl for making sql queries without associated logical noun, for example to do SELECT COUNT(*).... I even defined wc-component.xml in this folder too but it seems that it can't be found in runtime,

But when I initialize new JDBCQueryService("com.mycompany.commerce.project") I get error no matter what I do : CWXFR0027E: No database configuration has been provided for component

Please help me to figure it out.

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    Re: JDBCQueryService ComponentConfigurationException: CWXFR0027E


    do you have the <_config:database name="java:comp/env/jdbc/WCDataSource" /> entry in the wc-component.xml