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"I need to back up SMS on my iPhone to a computer. I searched many forums, but haven't found a way. Does anyone have an idea to help me back up iPhone SMS to PC? I'm waiting online for a solution. Your prompt advice will be much appreciated."

You must be talking about the problem that most iPhone users have ever come across, and it has happened to me too. At first, I tried iTunes, but it seemed to back up all the data to an unknown location on my computer. Then I searched the internet for the iTunes backup location and found the backup finally in the disk C of my computer. While, a new problem came to me again. I can't view the iTunes backup, they are shown in unreadable codes.

Now I strongly and formally recommend the powerful iOS data recovery and backup software to you. No matter for transferring data between iOS devices and the computer, for backing up data to PC, or for data recovery from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, the software is definitely a trust-worthy helper for you. 

The operation process about how to back up iPhone SMS to PC is very easy, just 4 steps. I have summarized my personal experience of using the software to back up iPhone text messages to PC and now I'll share it to you. See the guides below:

How to back up iPhone SMS to computer?

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and run the program on your PC, then you'll see a start interface shown in the picture below.

Start interface of Leawo iOS Data Recovery


Step 2 When you have clicked "Start" button, just wait for the automatic scanning of your iPhone.

Start scanning your iPhone


Step 3 Preview SMS in the "Messages" category and tick them for recovery.

Preview iPhone SMS messages


Step 4 Click "Start" button to start to back up iPhone SMS to PC and choose a file location to save the messages to be output onto your computer.

Save SMS messages from iPhone

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  • Nick_Cris
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    Backup iPhone SMS MMS to computer

    If you're looking to backup & extract iPhone SMS and MMS to computer, iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor is the best choice which lets you do it in just a few easy steps. It offers a convenient solution for all iPhone users to extract and backup iPhone MMS & SMS to computer. It not only supports iPhone SMS and MMS to computer backup & transfer, but also enables users to extract various media files from iPhone MMS messages to computer. No other iPhone utility softtware does more.

     1 Backup iPhone SMS and MMS to computer
     2 Extract photo video audio etc attachments in MMS to computer
     3 Transfer SMS & MMS from iPhone to TXT, CSV, HTML or PDF file
     4 Export SMS & MMS from iTunes Backup without iPhone connected
     5 Print iPhone SMS and MMS messages in conversations
     6 iMessage supported also
     7 Supports latest iOS 6 and iPhone 5



    Read more:

    If you are using Mac, please download iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor for Mac to use.



    iPhone SMS Backup & Restore - offers all solutions for all serious iPhone users. It not only supports iPhone SMS to computer backup & export, but also enables users to restore SMS backup from computer database to a new iPhone or back to your old iPhone. No other iPhone utility softtware does more.

    iTunes Backup Extractor - offers you the fast & simple-to-use way to extract and recover your data such as photo, video, camera roll, voicemail, Message, contact, note, calendar event, call history, voice memo, Safari bookmark and App Data etc from iTunes Backup.

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    • panjiedf
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      Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

      ‏2013-12-22T15:46:17Z  in response to Nick_Cris
      To recover lost data from iPhone,you need to use a professional ios data recovery,once you lost data or deleted files from your iPhone,the ios data recovery can help you get all lost contents back,such as photo, video, contact, text messages, note, bookmark and more!
      iPhone Data Recovery is a professional iPhone data recovery,if can help you recover any lost data from iPhone directly,or recover lost iPhone photo, video, SMS, Contacts and more from iTunes backup files.So that you have two ways to recover iPhone lost data,to restore deleted files form your iPhone,please learn more:

      How to Recover lost Video from iPhone

      How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone

      • tbestsg
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        Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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        To avoid lost sms messages and contacts on your iPhone,you must to backup all contents from iPhone to computer,if you use Mac,you can use a third iPhone to Mac Transfer copy contacts and SMS to Mac.Here,let's recommend you two useful iPhone Transfer tool.


        For Windows user: The iPhone to Computer Transfer allows you transfer all data from iPhone to computer quickily,with this iPhone-to-computer-transfer program,you can easily backup contacts, sms to computer.What's more,this iPhone transfer tool also can help you transfer music, call history, photo, video to computer.In additional,if you only want to transfer text messages and contacts to computer,you can use this iPhone SMS+Contacts Transfer tool; If you want to copy music, photos, video, playlist to iTunes or computer,you can use iPhone iPad iPod Transfer tool,this all-in-one ios transfer program can help you transfer any multimedia between iPhone, iPad and iPod easily,you can use this tool backup all contents to iTunes or computer.


        For Mac users: This useful iPhone to Mac Transfer program allows you transfer contacts, sms messages, music, videos, photos, ePub, podcasts and TV Shows from iPhone to Mac, iPhone to iTunes, or iPhone to iPhone.It also works well with iPad and iPod.Please read the follow use guide about how to transfer iPhone data to Mac or computer/iTunes:


        How to transfer iPhone SMS messages to computer


        How to transfer iPhone contacts to computer


  • wiliambrians
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

    ‏2013-09-30T06:25:04Z  in response to esmondshockley91820

    The details which are shared in the following posts are  really more informative. Backup software is an excellent way for backup of files,emails, music,documents and video's. Day-to -day new versions are available in market. The work will be very accurate with out loss of our work. Once installed , the user automatically back up their work. The procedure of download and installation is simple. It restores everything with perfection.




    IPhone 5 Data Recovery

    IPhone Data Recovery for Mac








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  • sandraalan
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

    ‏2013-11-05T06:30:06Z  in response to esmondshockley91820

    Due to capacity limits and backup requirements, it is really necessary to transfer your data from iPhone to your personal computer. As for sms messages, well, i just got all my messages from iPhone to computer so that i can have a backup of them because my friend and i have changed phones to use this week, and i don't want him to see any of my privacy! Well, to do that, i have tried everything i can imagine, that is really a bit troublesome, however, this way saved me out finally:

    How to Copy/Backup iPhone SMS Messages to PC

  • kabimore
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    Nowadays iPhone is becoming more and more fashionable and popular. Sometimes we will use the iPhone exchange information by SMS. Therefore the information SMS contains plays an indispensable role in our life. But what if sometimes you may lost the SMS, such as deleted by accident, failed to jailbreak your iPhone device; failed to upgrade; iPhone was lost or stolen. This situation can cause your worry and panic because some messages in your iPhone 5S are so important to you.

    Solution: How to backup deleted SMS from iPhone on Mac?

  • CeciliaWhite
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    It's really a very easy thing, I always use the app on amacsoft, you can know more in here: 

    How to Transfer SMS from iPhone 5 to Mac/Computer?



    • wendyrosepairs
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      Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

      ‏2013-12-11T03:48:46Z  in response to CeciliaWhite

      Thank you for you article. This post really help me save back Up iPhone SMS to PC. Now I am use the cubot P9 smartphone. Using the iPhone is that really a bit troublesome, however, this way saved me out finally.Thank you for you help.

  • AntonioFrank
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    Of all the tools I used, iOS Transfer is one of the most powerful tools that manage to transfer iPhone SMS to PC.
    iOS Transfer allows you to backup and restore your SMS between iPhone and computer easily, so that you don't have to worry about losing them.
  • solary
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

    ‏2013-12-22T15:55:46Z  in response to esmondshockley91820

    iPhone Data Transfer is specially design to transfer data between iPhone and computer/iTunes, or copy files between iPhone, iPad and iPod, with this ios manager tool, you can easily to transfer contacts, sms, call list, video, photo, podcast, etc to any ios devices. What's more, the iPhone Transfer not only supports transfer data from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 to computer,it also works well with iPad and iPod. So, you can use this professional transfer tool to transfer your iPhone SMS to computer easily.

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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    Deleting a Text Message on your iPhone is like deleting a file on the computer. So when you delete a file on a computer, it gets transferred to the Trash. Hence you can recover it if you want or you can empty your trash so that the file is permanently deleted. But you still have ways to retrieve deleted text messages.

    When you delete a Text Message on an iPhone it just gets transferred to Trash. And when you sync your iPhone with iTunes, then it actually gets deleted.

    The reason why I am telling you all this is that this method works. Hence if you delete some text messages and sync your iPhone, you will never be able to get back those deleted text messages since iTunes will delete them permanently.

    Detailed method: how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone

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  • Connieo
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    Re: How to Back Up iPhone SMS to PC

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    iAny Manager is absolutely right about third party software to transfer iPhone data to computer. There are not loads but certainly enough for you to do the job. iTunes should be used only as a first level interface management software for your phone. It is not really the tool to be used for anything else.

    Detailed guide: how to backup iPhone text messages to computer