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Pinned topic Issue on RAD( 8.5.1 iFix2) & WAS ( Upgrade

‏2013-07-19T11:00:06Z | rad sdk was

We are currently upgrading our RAD & WAS to

RAD (IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere® Software Version 8.5.1 iFix2 (8.5.1002.RADO851iFix2-I20130404_2227) )
WAS (IBM WebSphere Application Server Version ( )

When we are trying to start WAS, its showing error "WebSphere Application Server error
The XXXXXXXX project is built with Java SDK 7, which is not compatible with the server running at Java SDK 6. Try publishing the application on a later version of WebSphere Application Server. Or try increasing the JRE of the server, if you are using WebSphere Application Server V8.5."

When I tried searching, I could find that IBM SDK 7 is required for WAS 8.5 (link), but I couldn't find it available for Windows platform in both the below two links.

IBM developer kits -
IBM Support -

Can you please guide us.