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Pinned topic Metro Mirroring between DS3524 and V7000/3700

‏2013-10-24T10:43:15Z | ds3524 metro mirroring v7000

Im using DS3524 and V3700 and V7000 and 3 different sites

Does DS3524 could be mirrored(metro or global) with other mentioned partners ?

is there any copy services interopabilty document to show me which copy services could be done among storage generations ?


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    Re: Metro Mirroring between DS3524 and V7000/3700


    On the V7000 side, a V7000 can partner for remote copy with any other Storwize or SAN Volume Controller system.  This means that you could configure metro and/or global mirror between the V7000 and the V3700 (if you have purchased that feature).

    There is no copy services interoperability between V7000 and systems outside the Storwize/SVC family.