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‏2014-05-23T05:53:21Z | datapower

Hello all

I want to execute an error rule for all error codes other than 0x00030001, How should I achieve this by using PCRE Expression?

I refered this link

and tried something like  this

but this is not working. Could anyone help on this? Thanks in advance.


  • HermannSW
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    Re: PCRE match for error code



    I was sceptical at first, but after seeing the "Match with PCRE" toggle on Matching Rule level it was clear that PCRE can be done for all match types including "Error Code". So first you have to set this toggle to "On".

    And then this regexp will match all error codes but the one you want to avoid:


    This reqexp makes use of Negative Lookahead, a nice regexp feature I used to fix APAR IC72220 in firmware code 3 years ago as well.

    You did try to use it in your attempt above, but missed to match for 0x (the negative lookahead does not move the regexp match pointer).

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  • abinya Balaji
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    Re: PCRE match for error code


    Hi Hermann,

    Thanks a lot , this worked . Sorry for late reply.