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‏2013-05-20T15:52:44Z | development mdm mdm-migration workspace

I used the DEST tooling to set up a RSA workspace for developing MDM applications. The workspace contains a number of out of the box MDM projects. Are these projects really required for developing new MDM hub module projects?

What I mean is that having only the MDM EAR and CustomerResources projects in the workspace are enough for developing new Hub Module projects?

I remember seeing reading a developer works article that was somewhat related to this but the link (below) does not work anymore.




  • jtonline
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    Re: Workspace for MDM development


    The projects imported by the DEST wizard are typically required for developing hub module projects, however there is some optimization you can do depending on your specific requirements:

    (I'll see if I can find out what happened to that link- do you know what the title of the article was?)

  • sumeetvaidya
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    Re: Workspace for MDM development


    I think the title was Running a successful project with the InfoSphere Master Data Management Workbench.



  • jtonline
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    Re: Workspace for MDM development


    Apparently the article was out of date and got removed. It doesn't include anything about cutting down the number of projects in the workspace but, if you're using an old version of the workbench, there were some other performance tips:

    Hope that helps.

  • Nhan T. Nguyen
    Nhan T. Nguyen
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    Re: Workspace for MDM development


    I think the article has been incorporated in to this "Optimizing your MDM Server workspace using binary modules"

    The link:

    Within that in states:

    Deciding which projects are required

    Projects you definitely don't need

    The following projects in the workspace are modules that do not need to be expanded as projects:

    • DataServices

    • DataServicesEJB

    • DWLAdminServices

    • DWLAdminServicesEJB

    • DWLAdminServicesWS

    • DWLAdminServicesWS_HTTPRouter

    • DWLAdminServicesWSEJB

    • DWLMessagingAdapter

    • EventManager

    • EventManagerEJB

    • ProductServicesWS

    • ProductServicesWS_HTTPRouter

    • ProductServicesWSEJB

    • TAILMessagingEJB

    • XMLServices

    These projects can now be deleted from the workspace - delete the files from the file system too.


    Hope this helps and it is what your are looking for.