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Pinned topic Devices on Media Tray are not recognized on WS2008

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On first: i'm sorry for my english... ;)

My configuration: Blade Chassis S + 2 x Blade Server HS21 + 2 x SAS RAID Ctrl Module + Media Tray (with two batteries for controllers) + other elements. Generally, system works fine.


My problem:

Media Tray's devices (both: DVD and USB) are not visible in MS Windows Server 2008 x64 installed on one from these servers. Of course, Media Tray is connected to this server.

I want reinstall WS2008. I can set DVD as boot device in BIOS, and boot procedure from Media Tray DVD starts, when I select this device.

But in any next step I get information from installer program, that it can not find DVD device drivers. I can not it find too...

I remember the first time I installed this system, it was not any problems.


My machine is no longer covered by IBM Support, and my company is not too rich. In addition, I have never worked with such hardware and do not have any experience...


Is there a simple solution to my problem?

I read on this forum, that I can remove and re-insert Media Tray, when servers are down.

But I'm afraid of controllers, for which they are intended batteries located in the MT. Do not cause even more trouble?






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    Solution to my problem (thanks to IBM Support):

    Update firmware for Management Module to latest version, then restart Management Module.


    But I still do not know what was causing the problem...

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    Re: Devices on Media Tray are not recognized on WS2008

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    Having the batteries in the media tray would indicate you have the SAS RAID controllers. I would do the following:

    1. reseat the media tray module.

    2. Install latest Media Tray firmware.


    For step one you could do this whilst the bladecenter is running, however you will errors that the backup batteries are missing. BUT this is also similar to having to replace a battery.

    Another way is to do a reseating of the media tray when you can shutdown the bladecenter.