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Hi, I recently had the CD installed on the new server, and the configuration is as per the previous version on an old server, the services in case of teh old server  post node restart use to auto start, the same settings are there on the new server, however post server restart the CD services do not automatically start, and have to be manually done so! Am i missing out on any settings?

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    make sure that Service Startup Type is set to Automatic for your C:D service. You can either set it in CD Admin Tool or in the Services console.

    In the latter console you can also verify that there is a dependency set on the database service (only if you are using a local database). This should ensure that Windows starts the database before it starts C:D. However I have seen rare cases of slow booting or busy servers where this had failed.

    Review the event log to find out when C:D attempted to start and why it failed.