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Pinned topic DS3500 - constant disk activity

‏2013-09-09T14:52:14Z | activity disk ds3500 ds3512 hdd

Hello all, 

I am currently puzzled by an apparently basic DS3512 single controller deployment. 

All I need to do is configure a RAID 5 array out of seven 3TB drives, create a volume and map to a SAS Host. 

I've done it countless times, but never before with 3TB drives. 

The problem is that even without any host connected to the storage the hard drives are being constantly accessed (the green LEDs are all blinking in sync at a high rate as if something is being written on them). 

I have waited for the array and the volume to finish being created (took about a day) and let the storage be for a week to no avail. 

There are no errors in the logs and the support data and IBM service is of course saying that everything is peachy!

I have updated the drive firmware (the storage already came with the lastest controller and ESM software) and still nothing. 

Since I've never worked with 3TB drives I ask: Is this behavior normal? Has anybody had such an issue in the past? 

I'm thinking about accessing the storage through serial console and wiping it clean, but I am considering it as a last resort.