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Pinned topic Rhapsody Gateway and traceability to flowItems

‏2013-12-13T11:22:50Z | gateway requirements rhapsody


I am able to express a satisfy (traceability relation) between flowItems and requirements imported using the Gateway. The same requirements are also mapped to some blocks (I am using the SysML profile). The gateway shows in the coverage and impact analysis view the relation between the requirement and the block, but not the one between the requirement and the flowItem. FlowItems do not even appear when I expand the Rhapsody model in  the Impact Analysis view and Coverage analysis view.

Should I assume that the Gateway does not support requirements traceability to any model element?

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    Re: Rhapsody Gateway and traceability to flowItems


    Hi Massimiliano,

    go to the project configuration within Gateway, select the UML (Rhapsody) document.  In the columns, check the Intermediate box.

    This will retain the intermediate file the Gateway converter created and it contains everything Gateway can see.  If your flow items are not in this .xml file (assuming you are using the default Gateway type to analyze the Rhapsody model), then the converter ignores those model elements.  If they are in the intermediate file then you should be able to customize the type used for Rhapsody document analysis and capture those elements and hence coverage.


    Hope this helps,