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Pinned topic ACLS - How to prevent creation of Label-type and branch-type?

‏2014-08-22T12:54:33Z | acl clearcase feature level-8



We want to prevent the creation of Branch-type and Label-type by everyone.

In otherwords , only one or two users per VOB are allowed to create / delete Branch-type and Label-type.

(For those one or two users we will give FULL  privilege in the Policy )


In the Policy editor , which check-box to be unchecked  ?

I have de-selected the   mod-branch  check-box for Owner-Group Principal. But still all the  members of VOB group all able to create a new branch-type


Seems meta-data ( brnach type , label-type ) are NOT protected by Policy and Rolemap.

Is writing pre-op trigger for mkbrtype and mklbtype the only solution to prevent the creation of new branch-type and label-type by specific users?