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Pinned topic Command to run a report in IA from command line with example

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Command to run reports using iajob and iaadmin in information Analyser

In the given command can anyone mention what is meant by report identifier and from were can I get the report identifier so as to run report from command line


-runReport <async> <reportIdentifier>
 executes report by a given report identifier.
Add optional async keyword to execute report in asynchronous mode.


Given below is the code I executed along with the error obtained


C:\IBM\InformationServer\ASBNode\bin>iaJob -user isadmin -password 2012 -is
Host -port 9080 -runReport DataRuleSummary.DataRuleSummaryProjec
 -> executing task '-runReport' for report identifier DataRuleSummary.DataRuleSu
 ->   Report failed to execute!
 ->   Reason                    :Invalid Report Identifier


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    Re: Command to run a report in IA from command line with example


    Sorry for the delay in response -- the shift in community format has changed how/when notifications of new threads are identified.

    In terms of the Report Identifier, this should be the name that you gave the report when you created the report in the UI.

    If you open up the Reports menu in the UI, and browse to the Saved Reports tab, you should find the available reports with the specific names there.