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Pinned topic Android / Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - MDM lot of commands are greyed, what can we do?

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Good Afternoon,

We've just implemented the Tivoli Endpoint Manager with the MDM option the last Week.
We have a fleet of Galaxy S4 Active in our company.
The most surprising thing in TEM MDM is that we have too many greyed options (in Safe Command too)
We can use for example only 5 commands of the 14 for Safe and there's no possible configuration for Safe, it's just a plug-in in the Mobile's Client.
The Lotus Traveler App works everytime and 7/7 Days. For the MDM 1/3 of the Android commands are working, the others stay to 0%.
The main problem for us, we would like to manage the Apps and for the moment it seems to be impossible (i don't know why)
Here there is someone with any ideas about our problem?
Is it possible to hide or to delete the bloatwares?




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    Re: Android / Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - MDM lot of commands are greyed, what can we do?

    ‏2013-11-18T18:04:15Z  in response to WAG Admin

    Hi Joel,

    I'm guessing that everything is in order. If everything is just getting started and new, you may not be realizing what is going on. The Fixlets representing the commands will only be relevant (not greyed out) if it is appropriate to run. So taking for example Fixlet 246 to "Disable Kiosk Policy (SAFE only)", this is probably greyed out for you. This is because since it is disabling a kiosk policy, it is only relevant to run if there is a kiosk policy set on the device. Until that time, it will remain greyed out. The same goes for most of the commands that are resetting or clearing settings, they will only be able to be used if that corresponding policy or setting is set.