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Pinned topic Deselect ALL Refresh casceding Prompt

‏2013-10-28T07:46:10Z | active cognos reports

Hello Dear All,


I have one small Doubt about casceding Prompt ,

Here is my question

When i  Click on SELECT ALL option on prompt it will AutoSubmit but when i cilck on DESELECT ALL option then why it is not AutoSubmit(All Other -child Prompt Should be Black)

i want when i click on DESELECT ALL it should be autosubmit and all child prompt should be blank.

  • OpherB
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    Re: Deselect ALL Refresh casceding Prompt


    I don't believe the AutoSubmit is designed to trigger when nothing is selected.

    When you get to 10.2.1 you can use the Prompt API to make prompts do what you think they should. Until then, probably not possible.

    Good luck,