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‏2014-08-28T18:57:37Z | ad adapter isim


I´ve been giving some thought of how to aproach the next escenario and Im hoping you can give me some ideas:

- ISIM 6.0, AD Adapter 6.0.1073

I have configured 3 AD Services, each pointing to 3 different domains and 1 instance of an AD Agent in a agent server. I can perform add, delete, modify,suspend and restore operations without issues.But, I want to manage as well the mailbox (Exchange) and Lync.

I´ve been reading some post of this forum and besides having installed the Exchange Management Tools, I need to configure the AD Agent windows service with the usr and pwd as a logon as. If I implement this with one usr and pwd from a AD service, I may have problems with the request that came from the other 2.

Do I need to bring two more agent servers and manage each AD service with one instance of the agent??

I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance!




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    Re: Multiple AD Services + Mailbox Management


    Try using service account in the corporate (enterprise) level that has a 'grand pubah' (so to speak) access to all of those 3 domains.

    Rgds. YN.