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Pinned topic Host connection emulator very slow with 3270E

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  I'm using the Host connection emulator inside of RDz 9.0.1 and having serious problems with slowness to the point that I find the HCE unusable compared to another client.  I'd like to get this working inside RDz .. 

  I notice the slowness especially when using a larger terminal and also when doing things that require the whole terminal to refresh such as scrolling through a document (rather than, for instance, editing a single line).   This makes me think it has something to do with bufferring or transmission speed.  Are there any settings inside RDz that I can modify for these?  We don't have any latency problems with other 3270 emulation clients so we think that it's pretty likely this is something happening with RDz.




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    Re: Host connection emulator very slow with 3270E


    Suggest you run a wireshark trace on your PC or a packet trace on z/OS.  Check your TCP window size on the outbound packets.  My response time is fine for M3 and M5 screens.  My wireshark trace shows a 32731 outbound window size.   You should also be able to see where the delays are by looking at the traces.

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