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Pinned topic How to Trace a WMQJMQ publish from WESB

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I have a WESB 7.5 mediation which publishes Xml using SSL JMSMQ to a WMQ 7.5 server.

No errors in WESB logs but no message arrives at the WMQ Topic Notify Q and MQ admin says theres no event in the MQ trace log either.   Can anyone rec a tool or WESB tracer for tracing i/o from WESB to WMQ?  something like WAS TCP/IP Monitor...

thanks Lee!

  • TrushkinAndrey
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    Re: How to Trace a WMQJMQ publish from WESB


    If there are no errors in log, may be there are some warnings and information messages there. Some critical errrors in WESB are marked as warnings in the log files. Can you post here information from the log file?


    I don't know such tool as you want to have, but there are a lot of reasons, which are base of the message doesn't arrive to th queue/topic. For example, may be some exception occurs, and transaction rolls back. In this situation message will be deleted from the queue. This behavour depends on the transaction qualifyier of your mediation flow.

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    Re: How to Trace a WMQJMQ publish from WESB


    I found the debug info I needed by enabling addtnl tracers in the wqm, bindings, etc server components.

    I did have some JMS resource defs issues.

    thanks for replying.