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Pinned topic has anyone successfully installed the social data accelerator on biginsights 2.1 on the Linux platform?

‏2013-12-16T21:09:39Z |

has anyone installed the social data accelerator 1.2   using Biginsight  2.1 on the Linux platform?

If so, we encountered issues where the social data accelerator installation program was looking in /tmp/biginsights

for the derby database. We managed to create a symlink from /tmp/biginsights/derby to /var/ibm/biginsights/derby to get the application to actually install.

However, now we are unable to get the dashboard to display for the social data accelerator. It hangs and ultimately requires that we stop/start biginsights in order to return the system to a usable state.

we are also seeing conditions were writes to HDFS hang the environment, so that a restart of biginsights is required.  Occasionally, killing the offending oozie job helps?


can anyone provide us with some assistance in getting these issues resolved?