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Pinned topic "Cloud" install of C:D-Unix - has anyone successfully done this?

‏2013-09-05T20:20:27Z | cloud unix

Has anyone successfully implemented a "cloud" install of C:D-Unix?  I'm attempting this by setting up C:D under an /opt/app/v-tier-name/ndm directory (soft-linking this to /opt/app/ndm to maintain installation standards) using "v-tier-name" as the C:D node name.  This generally works, but I'm seeing frequent XDFD001I errors with fdbk=13 and the associated "file..." work file doesn't delete.  The C:D install directory has these permissions:

$ ls -ld
drwxr-sr-x 6 ndm ndm 4096 Aug 16 10:29 .

Any suggestions?