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‏2014-04-14T09:33:54Z | imsplex rdt


We are using the product Rational Development and Test for System z 9.0. One of the software named IMS is used. We wanted to know if IMSplex is available in this product. Also what is the name of the IMSplex that can be used.

Kindly confirm, if possible.

We are asking you the above question, because we submitted a jcl and we got a error message as below:

CSLM091E Failed registration to IMSplex




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    Re: IMSPLEX in RDT machine


    The IMS setup provided out of the box with RD&T does not include an IMSplex.  You are free to create one within the confines of what you can do within a single z/OS system.  If you are licensed for RD&T V9 Parallel Sysplex edition, you may create an IMSplex with sysplex components.