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Pinned topic New group question: What's your biggest challenge with My developerWorks? And how can this group help?

‏2010-06-04T16:49:41Z |
 What's your biggest challenge with My developerWorks?  What are you trying to do, but having trouble doing? Maybe not a technical problem, but for example - you want to get more blog readers, or you want to get more activity happening in your group, etc.

And... Is there anything you'd like to see on this group that would help you with that?
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    How do I change "similar blogs" entries?

    Is there any way of changing the "Similar Blogs" entries? My blog permanently has two "Similar Blogs" which seem to have little to with my topic or tags. 
    One of them was last updated in June 2010 (apart from comments), the other was last updated in February 2010 and there are several recently updated blogs which are much closer to the topics I cover.