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We use a cisco vpn to connect to an IBM i system. In our office, we are able to connect via Client Access; however, a remote employee is receiving a socket error "CWBCO1003 - Sockets error, function returned 10013". He is able to connect to the vpn, but cannot access the system using Client Access. He reinstalled Client Access, but still no luck.

When either of us do a CWBPING, we both get:

E - CWBCO1003 - Sockets error, function connect() returned 10013
E - CWBCO1006 - Unable to connect to server mapper 
E - CWBCO1011 - Remote port could not be resolved
E - CWBCO1008 - Unable to connect to server application DDM, returned 10013

E - CWBCO1016 - Connection verify to system XXX.XXX.X.XXX failed

Yet I can connect at my office, and he cannot. 

Anyone see this before and know how we can resolve?


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    Re: CWBCO1003 - Socket Error 10013


    For me, two items have caused the same errors.

    First would be a Windows or other software firewall. I've had the Windows software firewall and ZoneAlarm firewall blocking connections at different times. (Any firewall along the path might do the same.)

    Second could be related to name resolution. Verify that the remote server name resolves to the correct IP address. Use Windows ping against the server name to check that the name resolves to the same IP address as it does on a PC that works through VPN. The problem PC could have a hosts table entry that gives an incorrect address.