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Pinned topic How to identify a leader while using Quorum

‏2013-04-17T17:20:18Z |


I am using Quorum in my pattern.

This pattern has one leader and one slave.

Is there a way I can show/distinguish  leader and slave on endpoint when both leader and slave gets provisioned.

By this I mean that is there a way I can tell user that which IP is leader post provisioning.


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    Re: How to identify a leader while using Quorum


    Why you would like to mention to the end-user which server has the quorum?

    Normally, the end-user doesn't need to know that as you design a pattern which should hide all these problems.

    If it is to specify to the end-user which url he has to use to access the app, I would strongly recommend to investigate and leverage on the ELB service in order to register/unregister the server to the ELB and provide the ELB url only to the end-user. Using this method, the change of leader will be transparent for the end-user.