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Pinned topic DS3512 unresponsive when Hdd installed

‏2013-07-19T10:35:37Z | ds3512 hdd installed unresponsive when

DS3512 unresponsive when Hdd installed

hi team,

Kindly advice.

The model of storage is DS 3512 and MT:1746, SN: 1S1746C2A13D1R89, with latest firmware (Firmware details and storage health support data attached)

The moment I plug in any single or all HDD, the storage becomes un-responsive, I cannot ping any of the storage controllers. But the moment I remove all HDD and restart the controllers storage shows optimal, screen shot attached

Also when I try to synchronize the controller clocks or set password it shows the error

When I connect to the storage using ds storage manager and try to rename the storage

Pls suggest