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Pinned topic Datasource CQM failing

‏2014-01-24T13:51:54Z |

In Cognos Connection I can test a data source to Oracle database, I get error on the CQM (compatible query mode Native Client)
connection, but the DQM (dynamic query mode JDBC ) works fine.

Here is the error I am geting


QE-DEF-0285 The logon failed.

QE-DEF-0325 The logon failed for the following reason:

RQP-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database attach to 1 database(s) in:


UDA-SQL-0432 Unable to locate the gateway "cogudaor".

BME-EX-0144 Trace back:

BmtPlayTransaction.cpp(788): QFException: CCL_RETHROW: BmtPlayTransaction::DoAction

BmtActionsHelper.cpp(488): QFException: CCL_RETHROW: BmtActionsHelper::DoAction

QFSSession.cpp(1153): QFException: CCL_RETHROW: QFSSession::ProcessDoRequest()

QFSSession.cpp(1151): QFException: CCL_CAUGHT: QFSSession::ProcessDoRequest()

QFSSession.cpp(2034): QFException: CCL_RETHROW: QFSSession::SessionProcessTestConnection()

Source/QE_RsApi.cpp(2070): QFException: CCL_RETHROW: QE

Source/QEI_ConnectionFault.cpp(814): QFException: CCL_THROW: QE

I have checked other environments all are the same and this is only one that is reporting an error.