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Hi everyone

I've been attempting to configure WEXP to do what should be a simple export of 3 attributes, Object Heading, Object Text and requirement number.

I've attempted to create a word template to arrange this correctly, and the results look OK except that every object heading is of style 'Heading 1' instead of choosing "Heading 2', 'Heading 3' etc depending on the heading level in DOORS.

I've tried setting the Paragraph style attribute for each object but this seems to have no effect. If I use a template without the bookmarked 'Object Templates' section, WEXP uses the paragraph style attribute, but I'm also left with the attribute title listed under each exported object.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

My template looks similar to below:

Objext Templates

<<Object Heading>>

<<Requirement Number>> *tab* <<Object Text>>

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    Re: WEXP heading levels in template


    Use as WEXP export view a view that only has the main column.

    Do not use WEXP templates on headings.