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Pinned topic RSA 2048 Encryption in Datapower

‏2013-06-26T11:11:14Z | 2048 datapower encryption field level message of rsa soap xi52

Hi Folks,

I have a requirement as described below.

I have a WS proxy configured and a soap message coming in. The soap body has a set of fields that needs to be encrypted using RSA 2048 algorithm, as per the client requirements. And the final encrypted soap message will be sent to the provider.

I am confused about this RSA 2048 algorithm. How do i specify this in DP -  either through encrypt action or stylesheet.

I could see rsa-pkcs1 and rsa-oaep options in the encrypt action-advanced tab. But not sure which one should i go for so that i acheive a 2048 bit encrption.

Can any of you guys help? If i could acheive the same thing using stylesheet, that will also do.