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Pinned topic IBM Data Studio (Ver 4.1) > db2 for z/os PACKAGE properties display - enhancement request

‏2013-07-26T16:13:12Z | db2 package

IBM Data Studio (Ver 4.1) > db2 for z/os PACKAGE properties display - enhancement request

IBM Data Studio package properties display should have some enhancements
1) The General or Options tab should include even more additional information.  DB2 for z/OS has many interesting and useful properties for package (in sysibm.syspackage) and ibm data studio package properties should include ALL the (interesting) information.  This includes (but is not limited to) sysibm.syspackage.LASTUSED and sysibm.syspackage.PDSNAME.  ... ALSO sysibm.syspackage.operative and sysibm.syspackage.timestamp... please consider adding these interesting and very usefields to your displays.

2) The package properties statements tab displays the package statement number, section number and query text.  This is great info.  But it would be useful if one could right click on the "query text" and be given the options to :
(2a) explain the query text sql statement.  (This option would be obviuosly useful -> I am surprised it is not available already)
(2b) copy the query text to the buffer (for pasting somewhere later ... such as notepad or a email...or the ibm data studio visual explain)

3) You should add a package property dependency tab.  This would display the contents of sysibm.syspackdep for the given package. 
I believe this is commonly required information when looking at a package > to know all the tables,indexes, etc involved in a package!

4) When looking at a DB2 package with IBM Data Studio, one can right click on the package name (in the data source explorere) and the righ-click pop-up will include "analyze impact".  The "impact analysis" pop-up window then appears and and I can ask for "dependent objects" or "BOTH dependent and impactor objects" and the resultant "model report" does not return anything.  This is not meeting expectations and probably incorrect.  Clearly, every package has some dependencies... and something should show up in the model report(for example, the dependent tables, indexes etc -> from sysibm.syspackdep)