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Pinned topic WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit Version 3.5.3

‏2013-10-24T15:54:19Z |

The WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit team is pleased to announce the availability of version 3.5.3. It is available for download from developerWorks.

Version 3.5.3 includes the following enhancements.

The WebSphere Application Server version to version application migration tool includes service updates and new rules to:

  • Detect use of JAX-WS dynamic ports to warn of a behavior change
  • Detect Java keyword detection in JSP expression language elements  
  • Detect validation.xml files which are reserved starting in V8.0

The WebSphere Application Server competitive tools include service updates and new rules to:

  • Detect MBeans from other application servers. In the Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle and WebLogic tools.
  • Detect JSP taglib redefinition. In the Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle and WebLogic tools.
  • Detect Java keywords in JSP expression language elements. In the Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle and WebLogic tools.
  • Detect JBoss naming lookup strings.
  • Detect JBoss send and receive timeout constants.
  • Detect other JBoss specific string literals.
  • Detection of WebLogic specific JNDI name values and the t3 protocol in properties files as well as Java and XML files.
  • Detect the WebLogic ApplicationLifecycleListener interface.
  • Detect the WebLogic MessageProducer API.
  • Detect and remove WebLogic EJBGEN annotations.
  • Detect WebLogic SSL protocols.

New framework rules to:

  • Detect use of the Quartz scheduler.
  • Detect use of the entityInterceptor property in Spring configuration.

A new Hibernate to WebSphere JPA rule set  

  • Rules focus on the Session based Hibernate programming model
  • 23 Java rules that highlight commonly used org.hibernate classes and methods and provide guidance on how to manually migrate the code to JPA. Quick fixes are not provided for the Java rules.
  • 2 XML rules for migrating Hibernate configuration and mapping files. The XML rules have quick fixes to help you start creating your JPA configuration files.

New support for:

  • Eclipse 4.3.1 Kepler SR1 release
  • Rational Application Developer v8.5.5
  • Rational Software Architect v8.5.5
  • The latest WebSphere Developer Tools v8.5.5 available from the WASdev Community

Additional Resources:
WebSphere WASdev Community
Eclipse Marketplace

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