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Pinned topic Displaying .doc or .docx documents in a Coach view

‏2019-07-01T12:00:58Z | bpm8.6 ibm

Hi Al,,

I have a requirement where I need to display the uploaded .doc or .docx file in File Viewer Coach view.Rightnow,the OOB CV supports only few selected file types like .pdf.It does not display the .doc/.docx file types,Instead,it just allows us to download it and view it.


Is there any OOB solution/CV available for this or Is it possible to convert the .doc/.docx file types to .pdf?



  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: Displaying .doc or .docx documents in a Coach view


    If you take it to the Abstract, a CoachView is simply HTML/JS code.  So the question I would ask you back is "Is there a way to display a .doc / .docx file in a web browser?"  I think the answer is a "No" with some qualifications.  I don't know but suspect if you are in MS Edge and have the correct markup and have word installed there may be a way to make all of this work.  Beyond that you will likely need some 3rd party plugin that understands Microsoft's file format.

    PDF probably works because it is considered an Open standard.

    A quick google search seem to yield all of the top hits being some variation of "Do a save as HTML and then use that file".  I even found some sharepoint forums where there were complaints about the Word Documents opening in Word and not the browser.

    Conversion to PDF would also likely require some 3rd party software with that capability.

    -Andrew Paier