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‏2013-07-17T09:00:10Z | c++ concert cplex math model programming to

I am using C++ concert technology to model Math Programming. But, it was showing some error.

Firstly, I am new to CPLEX, so I need sometime to develop my knowledge.

Secondly, it was showing "out of memory error". When I was running the model, it occupied all the memory. The model was using a binary variable xkpt , where k=resource, p =project and t=time. The model is working fine for k=3, p = 3, t =3; i.e., for 3*3*3=27 decision variables. But, it was showing "out of memory " error only for 5*3*4= 60 variables. I asked my Guide and as well as I searched in the forums. Both of the sources had suggested that the memory should be OK for thousand of variables. So, there exists some discrepancies which I could not find.


Please help me.

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    It might help if you post your log file. (If it's long, post the portion at the start up to where the root node is processed plus the last few lines leading up to the out of memory error.)