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Pinned topic DS3512 fibre channel link down

‏2013-06-25T10:42:00Z | ds3512


need help, pls.

on our DS3512 one FC link is down, in DS storage manager-events we found events 1017 link down, 1019 link up (2 times), after that comes Event type: 1019 Description: Extended Fibre Channel link down (greater than one minute). Probably, hardware failure?

Any ideas how to fix it? 


  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: DS3512 fibre channel link down


    Start with checking:

    Fiber cables and SFPs between the DS3512 and the FC switches.

    Check uptime on the FC switches - could a FC switch have been rebooted, causing aprox 1-2 min downtime on one fabric, causing the event?

    Check the error counter on the FC ports on the FC switches.